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The show that teaches you how to unleash the power of your brain!
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Everyone has a brain. Are you using yours well? 

​​​​​​​With the power of your brain, you can do or be anything. Brain Education TV is a channel for positive content that feeds your brain. Good news makes a good brain, and we’ve got plenty of it to share.

Tune in every week to learn how to use your brain to its fullest potential, deal with everyday issues, and create the life you really want—all using brain principles backed by scientific research and study.

Videos will feature weekly Brain Education news with inspiring stories from guests and discussions on energy, positivity, wellness, spirituality, longevity, and everything in between related to unleashing the innate power of your brain.
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What is Brain Education?
Brain Education is a way of life. It’s utilizing the brain to create self-sustained health, happiness, and peace. Stemming from ancient Korean Taoism principles and created by meditation expert and visionary, Ilchi Lee, Brain Education consists of hundreds of meditation, energy healing, and workout techniques that awaken and strengthen the brain’s senses.

​​​​​​​An awakened brain helps people discover their true value, release negativity and stress, and recharge their minds and bodies with the energy around them. If you want to learn how to adopt these simple, life-changing techniques into your life...look no further. It’s time to harness your innate brain power and start living the life you want.

​​​​​​​And we can show you how!
Featured Shows
Dr. Reed Decided to
​​​​​​​ Live 120 Years
Each week, Dr. Reed Tuckson, a leading voice in healthcare for over 35 years, will interview experts of health, traditional medicine, alternative medicine, and spirituality to bring to life the principles presented in Ilchi Lee’s book, “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years." This podcast live show merges the concepts of western and eastern medicine and how you can use both to live a healthier, happier, and more peaceful life. 
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Dr. Reed Tuckson served as the Executive Vice President and Chief of Medical Affairs of UnitedHealth Group and currently serves on the Board of Directors of American Telemedicine Association, Howard University, the Alliance for Health Reform, the Arnold P. Gold Foundation and several committees for the National Institutes for Health and the National Academy of Medicine.
How Do I Try Brain Education? 
Change Your Energy is the world's leading online platform that provides courses, blogs, guided meditations, consultations, and everything related to Brain Education. 

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We'll ask you a series of questions that'll show you how balanced your physical, heart & brain powers are and how to utilize Brain Education techniques to improve yourself and your life. 
Upcoming Topics & Schedule
Wed, Jan 30
Heart Health and Spiritual Wellbeing (Feat. Dr. Harvey J. White) |
​​​​​​Dr. Reed Tuckson Podcast
Mon, Feb 4
Fun Brain Game Exercises for Brain Versitalizing |
​​​​​​​Step 2 of Brain Education
Wed, Feb 6
Staying Healthy Beyond Retirement (Feat.) |
​​​​​​​Dr. Reed Tuckson Podcast
Mon, Feb 11
Refresh Emotions in the Brain with Brain Refreshing |
​​​​​​​Step 3 of Brain Education
Wed, Feb 13
Making Life-Changing Decisions (Feat.) |
​​​​​​​Dr. Reed Tuckson Podcast
Mon, Feb 18
Test Your Left and Right Brain with Brain Integrating|
​​​​​​​Step 4 of Brain Education
Wed, Feb 20
Happiness and Joy (Feat.) | Dr. Reed Tuckson Podcast
Your Hosts
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Linda Yoonjin
Meet Linda—she was born into a Buddhist family near a monastery in South Korea. She has always believed in constant self-development and has searched for answers to life's questions in many different places. But it wasn't until a fortunate twist of fate led her to meet the creator of Brain Education, Ilchi Lee, that she had her "AH HA!" moment and finally felt that she had found the practice her heart and brain have been searching for her whole life. Since then, Linda has been training her brain to heal herself and others by sharpening her intuitive, emotional healing ability. She is a teacher of Brain Education principles and serves as the resident host for Change Your Energy’s core webinars and workshops. She enjoys hiking by the ocean and her favorite places to vacation are New Zealand and the Canadian Rockies.
Gabi Petrylaite
After growing up in Lithuania, Gabi moved to the U.S. at age 6 and has lived in many cities since, which built up her boundless sense of adventure. She was introduced to Brain Education at a young age and participated in the International Brain Olympiad in Seoul, South Korea. Since then, she has spent years studying how the power of the brain, extrasensory perception, positive-thinking, and meditation can better her life. Through this show, Gabi hopes to encourage viewers to realize their innate brain power and use Brain Education techniques to create happier, more successful, and more peaceful lives for themselves. Gabi is a brain trainer, energy healer, and meditation guide and enjoys finding inspiration at music festivals and concerts.
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